All About Tantra

Most people are not familiar with true tantra. It’s said that the practice of tantra originated from Indian culture.


It is the 'weaving and expansion of energy'

This basically just means coming to terms with your true essence and the energy within you. It’s about connecting with your own body. This is made easier when you connect with your mind, fears, thoughts and desires. This doesn’t necessarily mean that tantric massage puts you through a counselling session but it can awaken sites in your mind and body that you have repressed or have not explored before. This could be hidden sexual desires, repressed memories or sensations never felt before. I often hear the receiver say that I touch the right spots at the right time with the right pressure. I have also once had a receiver claim that I have released their trauma from my Reiki work.

In Tantric practice, movement is slowed down

This is so the receiver can feel and understand their internal impulses more vividly. To be better connected to the rhythms of your body results in an improved self-understanding and boosts self confidence. It’s important for the receiver to feel comfortable with the giver and to trust their touch. Being touched comes with memories of the past. It can remind us of times when our touch was rejected or times when we were not pleasured enough.

A thousand words can be said in one touch

Real Tantra allows you to focus on your current thoughts and feelings through the power of sensation, but most importantly through intention. Although the tantric massage experience is bodily, it requires your mental presence and meditation, as well as the good intention of the giver.

The energy released from an orgasm is powerful!

It can be channeled into manifesting desires and healing the chakras of the body. It can transcend you above the sexual realm into a realm of pure bliss and joy if controlled with precision.

Anyone can benefit from a tantric massage

Man or woman. Whether you are struggling with ejaculation, becoming aroused or just want to feel magic all over your body. Everyone in this world, especially in Western society, should experience a real tantric massage at some point in their life!


I'm often complimented for my touch

I've been told that it's hard to describe in words. Soft, slow and sensual is often my feedback. I have also been told my touch is nurturing. Combined with my naturally seductive aura, your experience with me will be other worldly.

I am a sensual specialist and an erotic expert

In my opinion, a lustful experience is best described as Dark Tantra. This doesn’t always mean it is evil or bad, it just means that the interaction (or massage) stems from sexual desire. But real tantra is a lot less about the lustful side of things and more about working with your heart space and sexual energy. I offer both erotic and non-erotic massages.

Tantric massage is amazing...

…for unclogging sexual or mental blockages and restoring the natural flow of energy. An erotic massage will leave you feeling like you were teased and pleased but a tantric massage will leave you feeling spiritually replenished and mentally revived. Those who are more spiritually attuned and open with themselves will feel the effects the most, those who are not will find themselves thinking clearer and feeling more positive. Tantric massage, if done right, is like therapy for the mind and body. It’s a real treat to lie back and have your bodily channels restored and your genitals pampered.

Tantric touch comes from a loving place and good intention

You do not want to see a tantric masseuse if her energy levels are low and she is in bad spirits. This will only transfer onto you.

Lingam massage

(A.k.a penis massage) aims to restore a man’s sexual energy whilst feeling extremely pleasurable. Edging is the practice of building this sexual energy up and down, so the receiver can get in touch with the ebbs and flows of their sex energy. Doing this regularly will allow you to control your sex energy and with practice you can channel your sex energy into different areas of your body, to heal your chakras and even to obtain enlightenment.

In all honesty...

…the truest tantric experience will come from someone who knows your body the most or who can connect with your body well. The mind and body are amazing things and we so often neglect them in this Western society.